Christmass Classroom

Advent Tower  "How to Use" 

You've opened your advent tower and now what? How do you use this art supply? What exactly is it? Take a look at the videos below to help you get started with your new supplies.


No Peeking at future boxes though! We will release a new video every other day starting December 1st and ending on December 23rd.


December 1st
  • Hahnemühle Travel Journal

    • 5.5 by 3.5 inches, Portrait

    • 62 sheets of 140gsm off-white paper

    • Draw, write, or paint on the go!


December 3rd
  • Caran D’Ache Techanlo Graphite Pencil

    • Graphite weight B or 3B

    • Water soluble

    • Draw as usual then add water to make paint.


December 5th
  • Pentel Aquash Water Brush Mini

    • Fillable travel water brush

    • Fill the handle with water and squeeze to wet the bristles.

    • Empty when not in use.


December 7th
  • General’s Kneaded Eraser

    • Squish and pinch to form the perfect eraser shape.

    • Roll on page to lift just a little color.

    • Place in a bag or small container to protect from lint.


December 9th
  • Faber Castell Watercolor Pencil

    • Water soluble, Phthalo (THAY-lo) Blue pencil

    • Draw as usual then add water to make paint, or don’t, that’s up to you!

    • You can also use a wet brush to grab color off the tip of the pencil for fine details.


December 11th

No peeking!


December 13th

No peeking!


December 15th

No peeking!


December 17th

No peeking!


December 19th

No peeking!


December 21st

No peeking!


December 23rd

No peeking!