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Got Used Supplies?

Re-ART Used Supplies Trade In Program

is for you!

Here at Spot Of Color we are familiar with these scenarios:

“I took a class three years ago, didn’t like it, and now have

$100 worth of supplies I haven’t touched since!”


“My space is cluttered with excess supplies I don’t use anymore!”


“I want to learn how to use a different medium but

I don’t want to invest a crazy amount of money in case I don’t like it.”

If any of these sound like you or you just want to trade in your supplies for cash or store credit we can help. Spot Of Color has a trade in program that will pay you for your used and abandoned art supplies *cue sad music and pictures of lonely art supplies*. We will then sell them in our store as a lower priced, used alternative to our new supplies. You get cash in your pocket to buy art supplies you will actually use and your old supplies don’t fill up your home or local landfill.

Trade in Buying Hours:

Sunday and Monday      11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Items Accepted:

FINE ART SUPPLIES: including paints and dry media in original labeled containers and brushes and tools in fair condition or better.

CRAFT AND SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES: these may be accepted depending on current stock and how the items sell. As this is a new program we will be limiting the amount of these products we purchase until we are familiar with what is in demand.

Other items may be accepted. If you are unsure please feel free to send pictures and descriptions to us via e-mail.


How it Works:

WALK-INS: You may bring in one plastic grocery bag worth of supplies per day. An employee will have you fill out a form and present a photo ID. Your items will then be examined and a fair price calculated. You can either accept a cash payment or store credit for your items. You will always receive more money in store credit. If the store is busy this process may take a couple of hours. If you wish to leave your items and come back later please inform us before you leave.

APPOINTMENTS: currently we are unable to take appointments but if you are short on time please contact us via e-mail at and we can work something out.

DONATIONS: We will accept some donations but they will go through the same process seen above in walk-ins. We also cannot offer a tax deduction form as we are not a 501c3 also known as a nonprofit company. If you would like to donate your supplies we suggest you e-mail us in advance.

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