What's your favorite color?

If you responded blue to the above question you are not alone. A study conducted by a University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen asked this same question of nearly 2000 men and women. Over a third of those people said blue was their favorite color with green and purple being the second most popular choices. (Wolchover)

So, why do people most often prefer blue over any other color?

There have been many ideas on this subject. In 2007 an article was published suggesting

that perhaps color preferences were based on evolutionary traits in our DNA. It speculated that men and women developed color preferences based on past hunting and gathering tasks. Women supposedly preferred reds because they needed to look for the reds and purples of berries as gatherers. However a reason was never given as to why men, as hunters, would prefer blues and greens and why overwhelmingly both men and women preferred violets over yellow-greens. (Hurlbert and Yazhu)

A study published in 2010 offers another theory on human color preferences. This study theorizes that people prefer colors based on their reactions to objects of the same color. For example if you see a lot of orange traffic cones due to construction making y