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What is Spot of Color?

The Business....

For about five years the owner, Hana Eichin, had a wish to open an art supplies store in this hub of creative activity that is Abingdon Virginia. The main goal was to create a safe and comfortable space for every level of artists with a free creative space for anyone to use. An emphasis on eco conscious supplies and creativity has been implemented in the store with eco art supply alternatives and art waste management to reduce the strain that art puts on mother nature. During the two years leading up to opening day this backstage theatre artist has been learning all of the ins and outs of owning her own business. Finally opening her store in March of 2020 just as the Corona Virus hit the United States. Through a healthy dose of optimism and sheer will the store has remained open and offers online shopping and classes.

The owner....

Hana moved to Abingdon Virginia in April of 2013 to work for Barter Theatre as a Scenic Artist painting the sets you see onstage. She spent just under 7 years working for Barter Theatre as a Scenic Artist and Scenic Designer before opening Spot of Color. Raised in Texas she discovered a love for arts early in her life dancing, attempting to act, drawing, painting, and playing the oboe. Buying school supplies and art supplies always filled her with excessive glee and owning an art supplies store is a dream. She loves seeing other peoples creative works, watching them work, and seeing their skills grow and improve.

333 W. Main St.

Abingdon, VA 24210


Thanks for dropping by to find out what Spot of Color is all about!

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